Wednesday, December 31, 2008

About this blog

As noted, this is mostly a documentation blog about my network setup, and how I have optimized it, or in the process of optimizing it. I will have a small amount of technical jargon, but will most likely keep that to a minimum. First off, a quick overview of the computers and their setup:
1. Desktop - AMD 4200+ X2, 2 [edit 3/19/09 - now 4 gigs!!!] Gig DDR2 800 RAM, Geforce 7600GT, 19 inch CRT (need LCD), Windows XP 64 bit
2. Server - Dell, 1.8 ghz processor, 512 Mb RAM, Windows Server 2003 [edit 3/19/09 - now Windows XP]
3. Laptop - Windows Vista Business, 3 gig RAM, AMD RM-70, 15" screen.

I am running Active Directory on my DC, but usually don't log into the domain, especially on my laptop (for obvious reasons). Other than that, I only have DNS running.

That's the quick rundown for now.