Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I decided to avoid homework until spring break, which is occurring next week, so I'm starting spring break tonight! It's exciting, but won't last that long, as I will be heading over to Seminary (internship) to create a network map in Visio and start working on securing the network, which is my capstone project.

However, since I have the time, I started creating my life mindmap, using Freemind. Freemind can quickly and effectively create excellent beginner mindmaps, and has an easy learning curve for beginning. However, I still need to look into some of the advanced features, such as graphic integration and others.
However, once I noticed that the freemind browser which allows you to view your *.mm files (freemind files) in a web browser, I was caught up in that project. I quickly installed apache web server (and got a dynamic DNS account) on my server and set it up so that I could view my freemind files using either the flash method or the java applet method.
I come to find out (after fooling around with changing a template html file, and adding the java applet) that the newest beta version of Freemind allows you to directly export your mindmaps as java applets (and I think flash files as well). I will be using the USB version of that from now on, to make it easier.

Come to find out, I REALLY want to be able to edit these mindmaps from a browser interface, just to simplify things. However, I haven't discovered a way to do that yet. It won't be too much of a hassle to edit the file manually (the web server's root dir is on a shared directory on a VPN) but I want to feel cool and edit it from anywhere. Feel free to comment if you know how to edit the mindmaps from a browser interface.

That has been keeping me busy last night and tonight!