Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cisco site to site VPN

Well i recently created a Cisco Site to Site VPN using GNS 3. GNS3 is program that is like Cisco's packet tracer, which is router emulator. GNS3 takes it further than packet tracer does by ENTIRELY emulating the router IOS. You must, however, have access to your own IOS images. As well, GNS3 is quite difficult to set up and get working correctly, so follow the tutorials closely. However, once GNS3 is up and running correctly, it is extremely useful for learning everything you could possibly need to know about Cisco. As well, you can hook up virtual machines and include them in your GNS3 topology. However, I recorded the video of me setting up the site to site VPN, and uploaded it to YouTube. You can see part one below, and part two here.

My plans are to see if I can get a complete enterprise level network up and running in GNS3, by spanning it across several computers. I have a few difficulties to overcome.. namely figuring out the entire mess of how to use GNS to connect both logical and physical connections across multiple computers and make all of it work. I have a feeling it will be invaluable experience.

To get started on this goal, I have 3 computers sitting in my basement right now. The first one has 384 MB of RAM, the other 2 have 256, and all three have 800mhz processors. I brought 2 of them up with 2003 and ran dcpromo on one, and installed DNS on it. The other I only managed to get 2003 installed so far. On the last computer I installed puppy linux. I also got a 5 port gig switch on sale 5 dollars after rebate, and thats holding them all together.

On another note, today I just became security plus (2008) certified. I got 840 out of 900. The passing score is 750. My next exam will either be the Network Plus exam, or the 70-290 exam.


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