Thursday, January 17, 2013

Blender Game Engine FPS Arms Movement and Basic Shooting Rig

This is a quick stand-in post that will be fleshed out later, hopefully :D

I am creating a video tutorial series for the Blender Game Engine, specifically for an FPS Arms game (where you see your arms and the gun, not just the gun) since I did not find many helpful tutorials on this.

The entire playlist can be found here:

The blenderartists link can be found here:

The download is:

What this currently contains:

An FPS rig (grouped) that has the following features:

A mouselook script by riyuzakisan
A rigged set of FPS arms (I removed and edited from a makehuman model)
A heavily edited and rigged SPAS-12 (from veti)
Mostly Python based movement and animation system (loosely based on the social FPS template)
Very basic running, walking, firing, idle animations
Bullethole and Bulletforce script (from the social FPS template)
The very very start of a menu system (very WIP)

The controls are as follows:
WASD for movement
SHIFT for run (hold down)
LCTRL for crouch (toggle)
RMOUSE for iron sight
LMOUSE for fire
SPACE for jump

My original sources/stuff:
Social FPS Template:

Python mouselook script:


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