Saturday, June 13, 2009

Freemind, Apache, IIS 7.0

Recently, I moved my website away from Apache running on Windows XP Professional, to a slightly higher powered Windows Server 2008, using IIS 7.0. Unfortunately, the switch to IIS 7.0 was not an easy one in the least. Apache was a little difficult to pick up originally, but at least almost ALL of the configurations were stored in a central text file that could be easily edited, and was highly configurable. As well, you installed Apache, (and PHP 5) added extensions in the httpd file, repointed the home directory, and a few other minor configurations (.htaccess for example) and it just worked. With IIS 7.0, that is another story. Attached is a picture of the error I get whenever I try and load a mindmap.

If anyone knows what the problem is, feel free to comment. This next picture is how the Mindmap is supposed to look.
In IIS 7.0, I added a MIME type for .mm files "application/freemind" (I think), which had no effect as well. When I edit the .html file to point to the mindmap as a local path, and open the mindmap on the local machine, everything works fine.

In the end, I was forced to install Apache and IIS 7.0 on the same machine, and use Apache for that site, and IIS 7.0 for my sharepoint site.

I am hoping that in the near future mindmaps will be able to be edited entirely online. This will allow for easy viewing and editing from any web browser, using the power of Java. I am currently looking into publishing Freemind on my Remote Apps Terminal server, which will allow me to connect via a web browser, run the remote app, edit the map, and save it again. Certainly not the ideal solution, but it is a solution that works.

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