Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back in school

Well as of Monday the 5th I am back in school, and it is quickly eliminating all of my free time, which is not good, considering my domain controller went down to a virus, and I am having a very hard time restoring it. I would normally boot from a CD I have that would allow me to explore files and edit the registry. However, my domain controller does not have a working CD drive, and since it is a Dell slim design, it uses the slimline drives, of which I have none. To install Server 2003 on it I had to crack open the case, replace the IDE cable with one that had two connections (one was needed for the hard drive) and install it from the CD with the case open. Not the easiest solution. Since the virus has blocked all access to the registry, (im going to try from the command prompt but doubt it will work, as safe mode did not either) I am in a little bit of a bind. So that will be keeping me busy in my spare time.

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