Sunday, January 4, 2009

Organization of the day

Well, since my laptop has a lightscribe drive, and since I used my $10 off $20 coupon for Officemax (actually used two of them, and got a large CD organizer case, a small CD organizer case, and lightscribe all for $40 instead of $60), I am organizing my entire CD/DVD game collection. I have many burned CD/DVD's that contain many different things, and so I am consolidating some of them (burning the multiple CD's to one DVD), and burning lightscribe labels on some, and organizing almost all of them in my large CD organizer. I will keep the cases, and most likely store them elsewhere. This will allow me to easily organize my CD's and DVD's in a way for me to easily search for one, which used to be a rather difficult undertaking.
Now, for creating the labels, since most of the labels are just for "at a glance" recognition or just for fun, I am using the default Lightscribe Template Maker, from Feel free to comment a plug for a favorite lightscribe label maker program (if its free I might check it out). I find the Template maker to be simple, with limited options, but quite easy to use. I am about 30 minutes away from actually seeing the end result of my first Lightscibe label, so hopefully it looks good.
My small CD organizer is for all of my troubleshooting/important CD's and DVD's which I will most likely stash in my backpack. This allows me to have an arsenal of tools available for me to quickly fix a broken computer.
On a side note, I have been experimenting with "Ubiquity" a plugin for firefox, and I belive it has great potential, but needs a lot more development. Here is a youtube link for the demo video, (which I found using Ubiquity)
Another thing going on right now is Greasefire, which I am using with Greasemonkey. It essentially shows you a picture under the greasemonkey logo which signifies that there are greasemonkey scripts that apply to the particular page that you are on.
Essentially that is what I am currently up to.

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