Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well, my domain controller caught a very nasty virus, a fake program called "Anti-spyware 2008." This virus was the worst virus I have ever encountered. It modified the host file so that I was unable to surf to ANY online virus scanners, it blocked some of the more popular removal programs from running, and upon booting up locked my computer from running. I managed to do a ctrl-alt-del operation and run programs from there with some efficiency. Manually trying to remove the virus by booting into safe mode and trying to access the registry brought up an error.. something to the effect of the registry being locked. I was unable to access the registry. As well, since I am running server 2003, many antivirus scanners will not run on it, which also severly limited my options. I have decided to completely redo the computer. Unfortunately, the cd drive does not work, and the drive is a Dell slimstyle drive. To install Server 2003 last time, I had to open the case, replace the IDE cable, install a CD drive and hard drive on the cable, fiddle with the jumper settings, and run it with the case open. I think the BIOS has an option that allows me to boot from USB, which I will attempt when I have some time, hopefully on the 16th. I am debating on whether or not to reinstall Server 2003 or Windows XP (I wish I could run Server 2008.. if anyone wants to donate a computer to me, a poor college student, feel free!), and I think I have settled on XP. I was not really using the domain function anyways, it was more for testing and fun.

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